Designing Your Graphics
In an effort to simplify the design process and make your product look the best, we have provided a number of different templates for your use.  They are all in PDF format and should open in most high end graphics programs.  

Accepted Formats
For quick turnaround or on-demand CD-R and DVD-R publishing, we require your artwork to be readable by Adobe Illustrator CS (.ai, .eps, or .pdf  with outlines created).  We can also accept high resolution .tif, .jpg, and .bmp files.    If providing artwork in these formats, please allow room for bleed and do not include the die lines. 

For replication, screenprint, or offset print orders, artwork created using most other high end graphics package is welcome.  Please be sure to include any fonts or linked graphics.

One final thought, when submitting any artwork, please provide a hard copy output. 


3 inch Round CD-R Duplication - Laser Label-180MB
3 inch Round CD-Rom Replication
Blank CD Recordable Media 700MB - Screenprint Template
Blank DVD Recorable Media 4.7GB - Screenprint Template
CD-R Duplication - Laser Label - Full Coverage
CD-R Duplication - Laser Label - Standard
CD-R Duplication Photo Realistics 4 Color - Print to Center
CD-R Duplication Thermal Transfer Print - Print to Center
CD-R Duplication Thermal Transfer Print - Standard
CD-ROM Replication Screenprint - Print to Center
CD-ROM Replication Screenprint - Special Use Only
CD-ROM Replication Screenprint - Standard
DVD Replication Offset Print to Center
DVD Replication Screenprint with Stacking Ring
DVD-R Duplication Photo Realistic 4 Color - Print to Center
DVD-R Duplication Thermal Transfer Print - Print to Center
DVD-R Duplication Thermal Transfer Print - Standard
Rink Card CD-R Duplication - Laser Label - 50MB

Replication Rights Form (IRMA)

Packaging Graphic Formats

Jewel Case - 2 Panel Front Cover
Jewel Case - Tray Card
DVD Amaray Case - Menu Card
DVD Amary Case - Slipsheet - Wrap





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