CD is an excellent and widely accepted medium for distribution of your data. Whether you need 1-2,000 CDs overnight or 1,000 -100,000 CDs in a couple weeks, Saunders is here to help.

CD Duplication
For quick turnarounds (same day, next day, or a couple days) or smaller quantities, CD-R duplication is the answer. Using the best equipment available, we can produce high quality copies with a professional look. We can produce standard size CD-Rs, Biz Card CD-Rs, and 3" CD-Rs. The surface artwork can be printed directly on the disc using thermal transfer (one color) or a die-sub (four color process) print technology. In addition we offer color laser / color digital print adhesive labels.

CD Replication
For high quantity production, CD Replication is the most cost effective method and most often used method for commercially purchased CD-ROM product. The minimum quantity is 1000 units. From your master CD, a stamper is created, from the stamper the CD-ROMs are molded. The surface is then screenprinted on the CD-ROM (up to six colors). Turnaround time for this process is approximately 10-14 days. Please know that in order to protect copyrights and recognize content ownership, we will require a completed replication rights form (RRF) prior to beginning replication.



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