Do I need a white flood coat when screen printing in 4 color process?

  That’s up to you. Printing on plastic is a little tough to begin with and tends to dull four color process screen print work.   Most folks prefer adding the white flood on CDs and DVDs when screen printing four color process.  This tends to make the process colors richer.  However, there are some folks looking for a cool “futuristic look” that opt out of putting the white flood.  They take advantage of the natural finish (silver on the CD and mirror silver on the DVD).  When in doubt…add a white flood.


How much data does a CD hold?



A CD-R will hold up to 700MB of data (or about 80 minutes of Audio)

The standard CD-ROM will hold 654 MB of Data (or about 74 minutes of audio).  We can replicate larger capacity masters if a waiver is provided.  The waiver basically acknowledges that there are some target CD drives in which the larger replicated CD may not work.



How much data / video does  a DVD hold?




That depends…..

There are two basic capacities for DVD Recordable media.  4.7GB and 8.5GB.  Currently, the 4.7GB is the only format supported for DVD-R duplication.

There are four types available for DVD-ROM: 

DVD-5 (single layer) which holds 4.7GB or approximately 130 minutes of video. 

DVD-9 (dual layer) which holds 8.5GB or approximately 240 minutes of video.

DVD-10 (single layer / double sided) which holds 9.4GB or approximately 260 minutes of video.
(Remember this will require a hub screen-print only)

DVD-18 (dual layer / double sided) which holds 17GB or approximately 480 minutes of video.
(Remember this will require a hub screen-print only)



What is the difference between production of CD-Rs and CD-ROMs?



CD-Rs are duplicated and are well suited for quick-turn around projects or projects requiring lower volume production.  They are also excellent for publishing projects that require high quantity production of individualized data.  We receive CD-Rs from our manufacturers as blank media.  The data is written to the CD-Rs using a CD-R drive (writer/burner).  We have the capacity to produce several thousand completed CD-Rs per day.  At Saunders, all CD-Rs are recorded and fully verified.

CD-ROMs are perfect for projects requiring large quantities of CDs with identical information.   From your master CD-ROM, a stamper is created.  The stamper is then used to injection mold the CD-ROMs from beads of plastic.  The CD-ROMs are then metalized, coated, and screen printed.   This is a true manufacturing process.  Typical turnaround times for this process are 10-14 days from workable master, artwork, and IRMA.   Turnaround times quicker than 10 days are available for an additional charge.   



How should I master my CD-ROM?



For all data CDs, please master using the single session Mode 1 (closed) or (disc at once) option.  This will avoid any gaps in the writing  (which can create errors).  Creating your master (and subsequently distributing your project) as Mode 1 disc will give it the highest probability of being read in nearly all CD drives and on any system. 

Please be sure to use a NEW CD-R for creation of your master.  CD-RWs are not a good idea to use for masters and should be avoided.



What is the difference between Thermal Transfer, Photo Realistic, Screen Print, and Offset Printing? 



First off, ALL are excellent methods for putting surface artwork on your media; BUT some methods are better suited for certain artwork than others. 

Thermal Transfer printed CDs and DVDs:  This is the quickest and most cost effective method for printing directly on the surface of the CD or DVD.  However, there are limits to this type of printing.  This type of printing will print in single colors only; Black (default), Red, Blue.

Thermal transfer printing works best with text and limited graphics (line-art).  It does well with simple logos and designs/graphics.  It also does well for a CD that requires sequential serial numbers or unique identification.  It does not work well with gradient artwork, artwork with small/complex logos, and artwork that prints in full coverage.

Photo Realistic printed CDs and DVDs:  This is an excellent way to print high quality four color process artwork directly on the surface of DVDs and CDs.  With this type of on-demand printing, there are no setup costs or film charges.    This process works well with artwork containing photos, text, gradients and variety of colors.  This print process can be used to print in black and grey scale as well.  However; solid, one color coverage discs printed using this method typically do not work as well.  For solid colors needing to match a specific PMS color, screen-print is best. 

Screen Printed CDs and DVDs:  This method of printing is the best for large quantity production runs or projects requiring a specific PMS color or colors.  With screen-printing, we can print using a four color process print or print using up six different PMS colors on the surface of the CD.  If possible, it is ALWAYS best to print in solid PMS colors – this will yield a richer and truer print.   For instance, if artwork is setup as four color process but contains only five solid colors, it is much better to convert to PMS colors for printing than to print as a four color process job – the colors will be more vibrant.  Also, it is better to print as a solid PMS color than a percentage of PMS color.  Screen printing as percentages of PMS colors can lead to patterned artwork and unintended dot gain or loss.  It is up to you to provide us with the proper PMS colors.  If in doubt, please check with your corporate standards group. 

Offset Printed DVDs:  This method is the best for large quantity production runs or projects requiring four color process printing on DVDs (sorry not available for CDs).   Photos, gradients, text all look great with this process. 

Please provide vector based artwork.  Illustrator files are preferred (with fonts created as outlines), however, we can work with other high resolution files.  Remember, if it doesn’t look good on your screen or outputted on your printer, it will most likely not look any better when we output it.



Can I e-mail you my master?


We would prefer to receive a physical master CD-ROM from you.  The advantage of receiving the physical Master CD-ROM over electronics files is that we can be sure that you have proofed not only the content of the CD-ROM but it’s functionality.  When submitting the master CD-ROM, you should not have anything on it that you do not want  distributed.  If you are submitting artwork, please provide it on a separate CD, diskette, or via e-mail.  If you do not have the capability to burn a master CD-ROM, we can create a master for you.   Please know that if we create the master CD, we will provide you a proof for sign off and approval prior to duplication or replication. 



Is the brand of CD-R and DVD-R important?


No, the BRAND of CD-R and DVD-R is not necessarily important; BUT, the quality of the media sure is.  And, like most other things, you do pay a little bit more for quality.  At Saunders we have a highly professional staff and use only the finest equipment and media.   Is it worth it?  Absolutely. When striving to produce a zero defect product, it’s imperative that you settle for nothing but the best. 



What Types of CDs and DVDs can you copy?


We can pretty much copy anything that you have created and you or your organization own rights to.  (This does not include making back-up copies of software packages).  While we can produce CDs and DVDs that contain licensed material, we do require a copy of the distribution license agreement(s) between you and the organization. In addition, we require a completed (RRF) form.  We will produce CDs and DVDs that are identical to your master.  Please be sure to proof all masters prior to releasing them for production. 



Does the Photo Realistic printing on CDs run or bleed when exposed to humidity or water?


No, the Photo Realistic print is great! This is way better than ink jet printing. It will not run or bleed when things are spilled on it. In fact, go ahead and fill a sink, throw a CD in and come back in two weeks. The print is still intact, good as it came out.



What is the minimum order you will accept?


We can do orders as small as 1 to as large a 1 million (actually even more J). Obviously, the per unit price we charge for 1 unit will be far greater than the per unit charge for 1,000,000.  Please give us a call – we are here to help.







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