DVD Duplication
DVD is becoming more significant and prominent in today’s technology and entertainment industries.  Whether it be software applications or Video, DVD is an excellent distribution vehicle for large amounts of data.

At Saunders, we can help with all aspects of your project from Authoring (Menu Creation, Encoding, Filming, Closed Caption, Subtitles) to Production.  There are two accepted methods for DVD distribution;  DVD -/+ R duplication and DVD Replication.  Again from 1 to 1,000,000 we are here to help.

For quick turnaround production (same day, next day, or a couple days) or smaller quantities, DVD-R duplication is a great solution.  The standard size for DVD-R duplication is 4.7GB.  Using the best equipment and best media (very important with DVDs), we can produce high quality copies with a professional look.  All DVDs are duplicated and FULLY verified.  The surface artwork can be printed directly on the disc using thermal transfer print (one color) or a die-sub (four color process) print technology.   In addition, we offer color laser / color digital print adhesive labels.

For high quantity production, DVD Replication is the most cost effective method and most often used method for commercially purchased DVD product.  The minimum quantity is 1000 units.  From your master DVDs or DLTs, a stamper is created and then, 10 test replicates made (and sent to you for approval if requested).  After approval (or waiver) of the test replicates, the DVDs are molded using the stamper and injection molding process.  The artwork is then printed directly on the surface of the DVD using either the screenprint method (up to six colors) or offset print method (four color process).  Turnaround for the process is approximately 14 days (not including time for test replicates, if needed).  The standard size DVD is a DVD-5 and holds 4.7GB.  We can also produce DVD-9, DVD-10, and DVD-18.  We will require a completed replication rights form (RRF) and DVD Source Master Form prior to beginning replication.



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